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The Condiments of My Childhood

The Condiments of My Childhood. Advertisements

China Fancy/Shanghai/FRED/Ganzhou/Baohulu/HK/Wonderextravashowza

Shanghai Railway Station Bar in Tianzifang, in Shanghai. It’s the Year of the Rabbit – people sell these guys for a couple dollars on the street.  Adorable, but he’ll probably keel over soon. So, I went on an epic journey to go to a Chinese wedding and to Hong Kong.  First stop Shanghai, en route … Continue reading


TWAT:  (In China) “Isn’t this the international floor?  Why don’t they speak English?” “Homeless people have it so much easier here.” “If I could speak Chinese, I would’ve gotten laid three times by now.” “Did they ever think that when they wake up in the afterlife, they’ll be like, Why am I stuck in this … Continue reading

Plum Blossom



  The bullet train from Nanjing to Shanghai takes 75 minutes.  Approx 367km.   Went to Suzhou and Shanghai the weekend before last.  Suzhou’s biggest temple is a Buddhist temple called Xiyuan.  I have some pictures of the people lighting their incense and praying, but you cannot take pictures inside.  Amazing, though.  One part had … Continue reading


I am starting a new segment on this blog, called TWAT, or The World According to Tom.  Tom is my very favorite person that ever lived, due to his expansive knowledge and insight, and also his uncanny representative ability to become the embodiment of the mind and soul of the “real American”.  His prolific pearls … Continue reading


  We made jiàozi, dumplings, as a class project.  I took a lot of shitty pictures, so this is what turned out.  Mad technique.   These are food stalls in Yu Gardens, Shanghai.  It’s a disaster of a tourist trap, but I had some cheesy fried stuff that was rad… I know, I’m a terrible blogger. … Continue reading

Neon City

                                                                                                              … Continue reading


We went to club Touch at 1912, the club district in Nanjing.  Lots of neon, ten times as much smoke as Vegas, strobe lights, weird electro Chip hop, fruit platters, drunk Chinese kids… This is Morgan. And the Asian Lady Gaga. And this…   …is FOUL.   Rice wine masquerading as Scotch.  It should be … Continue reading

Confucius Temple

Chinese New Year celebration just ended two days ago.  Fireworks everywhere.  In the middle of the street.  In the middle of the city.  Crazy.  Confucius Temple area is mostly a shopping center (endless shopping malls in China, even underground.)  There is an actual temple, and it is a non-religious temple, to honor Confucius.  Anyway.   … Continue reading

Nanjing Hustle

After 27 hours of traveling (22 hours on the same plane), I made it to Nanjing.  I am here with five dudes from various places in the US, although there are a lot of international students and expats here.  Bizarre and twisted being in a situation where you feel old when you have to tell … Continue reading